There are many WordPress plugins out there for everyone. If you want to integrate job listings and vacancies on your website, then the WP Job Manager is the tool for you. So what exactly is it for and how can you use it? Read on to find out the answers to these questions. 

What is WP Job Manager?

WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin that adds a job-board function to your WordPress website. Since it is based on shortcode, it works with any theme and is very easy to install and setup. 

With WP Job Manager, you can easily put up individual job listings in different formats, a job submission form, and an employer dashboard which certain users can use to look at, edit, and delete their job listings.

An Admin UI

This plugin comes with an admin UI that places jobs in an organized manner, listing job and company information while also providing access to actions, including editing, marking as filled, and deleting. 

Filterable Job Listings

This is a great function for visitors to your website. Your listing will be displayed after each other, but the viewer can use a search and filter form. To instantly find the listing they are looking for. Filters are available for categories, job types, keywords, and locations. Job seekers can also subscribe to get notifications if there are new listings matching their criteria. 

Job Submission

This feature allows employers to list their jobs from the frontend. They will be able to input employers to input job details, with the description and location, along with any details about the company. Each listing will be assigned to a certain email address or website that the seekers can use to apply for the job.  

Employers will also be able to preview a listing before it is available to the public. This will match what it will appear like as a live job listing. After a preview, an employer can choose to submit the post or modify it further. 

Getting Started

If you think that WP Job Manager is a great tool for you, then it is time to install it. This process is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. 

The Wizard

To help first-timers, WP Job Manager includes a great quick-installation wizard. The wizard is a three-step process, so make sure you do it to the end.

The wizard will automatically add the three pages your job board is going to need. These are:

  • Post a Job: A page that lets employers post jobs directly from a page on your website, instead of having them log in to an admin area. You can also uncheck this setting if you prefer an admin login.
  • Job Dashboard: A page that lets employers manage their listings directly on your website, instead of an admin area. If you would prefer to manage all job listings from an admin dashboard, you can uncheck this function.
  • Jobs: A page where visitors can look through, search, and filter listings.

After this is done, you can go ahead to start creating new job listings and using your site!