At Astoundify, our main standard on what we do is quality. While we may take time to release something new, we do it because we follow a really strict process on developing our themes.

Eventify is a small gem that we had in plans for a long time! The firs theme that has, In a nutshell,  some of our unique features

Manage events and sell tickets on your own terms

Remove the middleman and sell an unlimited number of custom branded tickets from your own WordPress website without having to pay any ticket fees or commission. Get full control over your ticket sales process and customer data with the safest and most flexible event and ticketing solution available.

List events, online and offline

Create a big listing, with events that are either online or offline. Use it to create directories, rank higher on generating passive income through sales of tickets or advertising through the directory.

Make informed decisions based on event and ticket reports

Good decisions are based on good data. FooEvents provides real-time event and ticket reports which integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce sales reports so you always know how your events are performing and can make informed business decisions based on this data.

And all this – inside WordPress. Eventify for WordPress is the first Events WordPress Theme that allows you to have all the management on your hands, easy and quick. 

You can build websites for Conferences or Events both online and offline. After the Post – Covid era, we need to adapt and prepare for our users. Check Eventify Now!

But – this is not all!
This is the first version! We really want to keep pushing and we have created a backlog of features that wait for you to vote!

Please – vote for them and help us build the best event and conferences theme build!