Update 01 Dec 2022: Vendify is renamed to Vendrify and is back in Envato. Check it out here!

As you may have noticed, Vendify is not anymore at Envato Marketplace.

Let’s just explain some things about it so our customers do not be worried!

Vendify is still Active!
We are continuing to develop it! And not only we do develop & do bug fixes but we are also working on new skins! You do not believe us? Take a look at Tasti Demo & Crafty! We hope you love those new demos as much as we do! If you find any problems with them, please feel free to create a Support Ticket for us and we will be happy to solve it as quickly as possible! Vendify is a priority for us!

If you want to migrate from envato to our own license system, please read our KB!

Vendify is now sold from at Astoundify.com
Yes! We are now “ self serving “ our Vendify. Vendify will be available for download through our own portal. 

What are we working on?
Vendify now gets a priority for us! Together with some more themes we are releasing, for Virtual Events, Crowdfunding and Deals Portal ( do you have more idea, please email us! ). Back to Vendify although, one of our major concerns is the Vendors Dashboard! We want to enhance it and create a plugin that will actually help users to build better marketplaces and profit on top of them.

Why no support of Elementify yet?
YES! We also want this 🙂
And we will start working on it as soon as we can. We want to start providing new demos & skins on top of Elementor for all of you.


We would love to hear your feedback. Anything you want to add, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to check it out! 


Help us build a Better Astoundify company, focused on your needs.