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does it have an alert system for classified or real estate postings. When a property is posted for sale or rent, it gets emailed to a user.. making a match.. Notifies the poster as well that a user was emailed his posting.

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Candidates and Employers register and login separately in Jobify

It would be good for Candidates and Employers to register and login separately in Jobify, instead of having shared login and registration sections for Candidates and Employers. Having the same login and registration sections for both Candidates and Employers might have users thinking they are going through the same 'door' (as in physically), hence they […]

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To parse PDF and Word files

The ability to be able to upload a PDF or Word file and it pre-populates into the candidate fields.

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Lisfinity Documentation

Hello, i’ve purchased Lisfinity in 2022, and haven’t use till recently. Now in the setup process i’ve 2 general information questions, and although my license has run out of Technical Support, hope you will answer. 1- Are listings CPT? If so is there shortcode or query that i can use to show posts in custom […]

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CUSTOM FIELD in registration form

give admins the possibility to add custom fields to be displayed in the registration form. Registered users will be able to choose whether to fill them out in the registration form or in their private area after registering. At the moment, the fields that can be filled in are very few

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Url links as /listings for Listify

I'd like the URLs rewritten for Listify which uses Job Manager. When people create a listing, the permalink urls are the same as the job manager plugin. I'd like the Listify listings categories appear as /listings/ and businesses to be /business/ on my site.

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Fitness & Wellness Guide

I wan to create a guide for fitness & wellness. The idea is to have places, professionals, events and a blog in the same site. After, I want to create a marketplace. Is it possible to do with your themes?

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Jobify as a plugin

Hi, I want to add joblify plugin in my website I don’t want to install the theme because I have developed a WordPress child theme and my parental theme is twenty sixteen does it support a child theme now I want to test it on my site before buying can I get any free demo […]

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Sell Company page

Is it possible to sell new Company page by woocommerce and active the page for a duration (one year, 6months, other)

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