The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on many people and industries, including restaurants. It is especially hard on small businesses that are struggling due to the increasing damage. Something that can help in these times is a local restaurant directory. Now how exactly will a directory be useful to help restaurants through COVID? Well, continue reading to find out the answer to this question!


Due to the ever-changing laws and regulations, as a customer, it can be hard to figure out which restaurants still offer services. No one is going to take the time and research every single restaurant and their specific working hours. But, during a lockdown, everyone is craving delicious food to enjoy. So, they will try to look for a local restaurant directory. Here they will find an organized and searchable list of restaurants offering delivery, carryout, and curbside service. Instead of having to go to a certain location to see if they are still working or calling them, they can easily look up the food they want and find a local business that provides it. Now, as you can picture, this is a good way to promote small businesses, so customers can get their food while supporting restaurants.  


As a small restaurant business, it could feel overwhelming trying to function in a pandemic environment. But there actually is a significant number of resources out there that could help, ranging from financial assistance to training videos. A restaurant directory could set up a list of available help for small businesses. These would include 

  • A full virus resource center with the latest information on how small operators can protect and run their business amid the pandemic challenges
  • Free on-demand training videos for restaurant employees to be up-to-speed on hygiene practices and other operational strategies
  • Help with creating online sales for more revenue
  • Any resources for available financial assistance to those impacted by the current situation including funds, grants, and relief efforts
  • An interactive map of the country for users to get more information at specific locations
  • Statistics about how the virus is affecting the restaurant industry
  • And more similar information to help restaurants

A Platform

A restaurant directory can also form a small community during the COVID situation. This directory can be a platform for restaurants to share tips regarding the pandemic. For example, this could include something like hygiene regulations they have used to maintain a sterile environment. This is good for the community and will help local businesses stay connected by sharing experiences. It can also be used to share updated news and statistics, along with any negative situations that should be avoided.


As you can see, a restaurant directory is a great tool for local business owners to get more customers but also find resources. This pandemic is affecting everyone, and with some cooperation and help from each other, the restaurant industry can be back on its feet in no time.