So as promised we just launched the long awaited add-on bundle for our customers and I wanted to let you know about this exciting deal. This is a great deal not just because you are saving 30% on buying the add-ons as a bundle instead of separately, but any time in the future when we add a new add-on to our site it will be included in the bundle and added to your “My Products” account page.

We did a quick video discussing the new add-on bundle and you can watch it below.

Updates, Support & Renewals

When purchasing our new bundle you’ll receive 1 year of product updates this includes new features of each plugin, bug fixes and of course 1 year of support for each add-on, at the end of that first year you can choose to renew for another year and you’ll receive an additional discount of 30%.

Everything You Need to Start Making Money.

Our bundle provides opportunities to start making money on your site, such as charging a fee to claim a listing, charging a fee to access listings statistics, allow your listing owners to sell products/bookings via their listings. You aren’t just buying add-ons with a bunch of features, your purchasing an add-on bundle that will generate you an income stream.

Learn more about the add-on bundle here and check out what’s included (no coupon required).