We are happy to announce that Astoundify has a new more secure home!

Hi, I am Rohit and I am the new owner of Astoundify. After 3 months of negotiations and a month of moving things around, I am happy to let you know that Astoundify has a new owner. Astoundify will be part of Xtendify from now on, a big network of WordPress businesses that includes BeTheme & Azelab ( and more companies on discussions for acquisition as we speak ).

What are our feature plans for Astoundify.
All the themes will still operate under the Xtendify umbrella and continue to be developed with more resources.

We are working hard to close any active bugs at the themes right now and then, we will start the integration of WordPress Builders inside the themes, as is Elementor. We believe that this will bring more attention to our themes and will help design more demos faster for all of you.

We are also working on creating more skins for Vendify. We are working closely with experienced designers to design some new demos and skins, but also add more pages inside with new and improved functionality! 

A thank you to all of you.
We will be introducing a couple of new add-ons in February to our already existing suite of addons. Those have already been coded and they are ready for you. Those will help you drive more revenue. We believe that there are a lot of people who build their own business on top of our themes and addons and as a thank you for this, we want to invest more on addons that not just provide new features, but they help you increase your revenue from your online properties.