What is Elementor?

Elementor is a “website builder” that is typically used to create visually appealing website designs. It gives you the freedom to personalize your website according to your liking.

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins that helps web developers, even non-coders, to establish a simple and easy website creation that can wow your clients. According to Hubspot, it is an “all-in-one solution” that allows you to drag and drop cool visual effects, fonts, and photos, all in just a single platform.

In addition, it offers a wide variety of designs, pre-built widgets, and templates you can choose from. It has everything you need from headers, footers, and everything in between.

You may opt to use Elementor either free or through paid subscription plans. The free version already offers you hefty benefits, but with limited access to some features. Meanwhile, in a paid or premium version, you’ll get to obtain advanced features but, of course, with the corresponding pricing.

Join me as we go through and unravel the best Elementors this 2022.

Top Elementor Plugins 2022

  • 1. AnyWhere Elementor
  •        AnyWhere Elementor was listed as the number one Elementor Plugin by Zita which comes with free and paid/premium versions and full support for WooCommerce. This Elementor comes with a variety of dynamic widgets such as Post/Archive Title, Custom Taxonomy, Post Navigation, and it also has Multiple Layout Modes: Show posts in Grid, List, Carousel, Slider & Smart Grids.

For further details, you may click here.

Its annual plan is divided into four (4) which are classified as follows:

  1.                      a. Starter – $49
  2.                      b. Professional – $99
  3.                      c. Business – $199
  4.                      d. Ultimate – $299

  • 2. Master Addon
  •        Offering 70+ widgets and extensions, Master Addon was listed second in “24 Best Elementor Addons & Widgets for Free (2022)” authored by Ludjon Roshi. This product is packed with exclusive features such as Header – Footer Builder, Custom Breakpoints, Custom CSS for Elementor, and Restrict Content Element.

  • 3. QI Addon

  •        QI Addon is a free Elementor with 60+ widgets developed by one of the bestselling premium WordPress theme authors, Qode Interactive. It also holds the youngest entry on the list of “9 Best Elementor Addons for 2022” by  Marko Ticak.

       This plugin will allow you to enjoy getting custom widgets for free and also comes with the business, infographic, presentational, creative, WooCommerce, typography, SEO, and form style Elementor add-ons. 

       If you’re interested to learn more about this product, visit here.

  • 4. Power Pack for Elementor

  •        Built by Ideabox Creation, Powerpack was made with 70+ unique, powerful, and creative widgets and 150+ professionally designed section blocks and full-page templates. This product was engineered by experts with a special focus on excellent user experience, creativity, and flexibility.
            It is also listed as one of the top Elementor plugins among the 30 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress in 2022” by Sujay Pawar.

        Aside from that, PowerPack Addons for Elementor also offers a set of specialized WooCommerce widgets, Exclusive SEO Widgets, Customize Login & Signup Pages, Dynamic Display Conditions, White Label Branding, Extensive Documentation & Friendly Support, and Link Wrapper.

Powerpack offers four (4) pricing deals:

  1.                   a. Starter (Single Site – 1 Year) – $49
  2.                   b. Expert (25 Sites – 1 Year) – $89
  3.                   c. Agency (1000 Sites – 1 Year) – $119
  4.                   d. Lifetime (Unlimited Sites) – $279

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site for further details.

  • 5. Unlimited Elements for Elementor

  •        If you’re thinking of taking your website to the next level, Unlimited Elements got you covered. This Elementor offers an all-in-one solution with the most advanced tools available. 
           Also, they offer the biggest and best Widget Library which includes:
  1.                   a. Creative Widgets
  2.                   b. Post Widgets
  3.                   c. Marketing Widgets
  4.                   d. Infographic Widgets
  5.                   e. WooCommerce
  6.                   f. Dynamic Loops
  7.                   g. Menu Widgets
  8.                   h. Carousel Widgets
  9.                    i. Content Widgets
  10.                    j. Testimonials, and many more.

Aside from all that, this product also has a Unique Widget Creator Framework, Pre-Built Template Kits With 1-Click Installation, Flexible Websites With The Dynamic Loop Builder, Creative Animated Section Backgrounds, Advanced Post and Product Selection, Remote Control Widgets, and Sync Widgets.

To unlock access to premium widgets and other advanced features, they offer plan deals:

  1.                     a. Starter (1 Site – 1 Year) – $39
  2.                     b. Professional (5 Sites | 1 Year) – $99
  3.                     c. Business (Unlimited Sites | 1 Year) – $149

  • 6. Essential Addon

  •         Used by 1million+ users, Essential Addon is one of the most popular Elementor plugins with 80+ premium Elements and was ranked first among the “9 Best Elementor Addons 2022 (Free & Paid)” by Ankur Raz Bongshi. It offers both free and premium essential elements designed to make your website as appealing as ever.

For free Essential elements, you’ll have:

  1.                    a. Info Box
  2.                    b. Flip Box
  3.                    c. Image Accordion
  4.                    d. Countdown
  5.                    e. Advanced Accordion
  6.                    f. Advanced Tabs
  7.                    g. Post Grid
  8.                    h. Post Timeline
  9.                    i. Woo Product Grid
  10.                    j. Pricing Table
  11.                   k. Call to Action
  12.                    l. Filterable Gallery

Meanwhile, for Pro elements, you’ll get unique and advanced elements, such as:

  1.                   a. Lightbox and Modal 
  2.                   b. Interactive Promo
  3.                   c. Interactive Cards
  4.                   d. One Page Navigation
  5.                   e. Image Comparison
  6.                   f. Content Toggle
  7.                   g. Protected Content
  8.                   h. Testimonial Slider
  9.                   i. Logo Carousel
  10.                   j. Advanced Google Map
  11.                   k. Post Block
  12.                   l. Instagram Feed
  13.                   m. Parallax
  14.                    n. Particles
  15.                   o. Advanced Tooltip
  16.                   p. Image hotspots

Besides those interesting features, it also offers a flexible pricing plan for everyone:

  1.                   a. 1 Website – $39.97
  2.                   b. Unlimited – $99.97
  3.                   c. Lifetime Unlimited – $249.97
  4.                   d. WPDeveloper Agency Bundle Lifetime – $639

  • 7. Extras for Elementor

  •          Exciting widgets and extensions are right at your fingertips with Extras for Elementor. It has unique and brand new widget and extension add-ons that will surely draw your attention. It includes:

  1.                   a. Gallery Slider
  2.                   b. Switcher
  3.                   c. Devices
  4.                   d. Calendar
  5.                   e. Offcanvas
  6.                   f. Slide Menu
  7.                   g. Toggle Element
  8.                   h. Google Map
  9.                   i. Audio Player
  10.                   j. Pop up
  11.                   k. Age Gate
  12.                   l. Random Image
  13.                   m. Display Conditions
  14.                   n. Global Tooltips

Extras for Elementor provides regular updates every two (2) weeks so surely you’ll never be out of trend. It also allows you to showcase your creative mind through customization since there are no pre-styled widgets that might overwhelm you with just one look.

  • 8. The Plus Addon for Elementor
             Offering 120+ Powerful Widgets & Extensions, The Plus Addon gives you fast and convenient experience in building your website with its PlusWidgets, PlusListing, PlusBuilder, and PlusExtras. 

To have a complete preview of everything that it offers, click

The Plus Addon is the first Elementor addon to introduce the feature of detecting unused widget scanners allowing you to automatically remove all the unused CSS and JS in one single click.

Aside from that, this is also packed with interesting features such as: 

  1.                   a. Plus Scrolls 
  2.                   b. Plus Sections
  3.                   c. Dynamic Listings
  4.                   d. Header Builder
  5.                   e. Blog Builder 
  6.                   f. WooBuilder
  7.                   g. Popup Builder
  8.                   h. Plus Social
  9.                   i. Plus Extensions 

Whether you’re a beginner, designer, marketer, agency, or freelancer, start your seamless website creation journey with The Plus Addons easy drag and drop interfaces to edit ready-made templates.

Almost all and the majority of Elementor plugins offer free and some are paid plans, however, each of them presents different features and diverse useability. You just have to decide which product will best suit your needs and viola! You can already boast your own and a customized website.