It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the release of Jobify 3.0.0. Our developers have worked long and hard for this release and it would be an understatement of how excited we are for it to finally be here.

Version 3.0.0 of Jobify is a total rewrite of the theme. Yes, that’s right. We completely rewrote the theme to improve its performance and to make the theme much more extensible. We can now integrate more features at a much faster pace than before!

With the rewrite, Jobify now has complete support for all official WP Job Manager Product add-ons (see compatible add-ons) and also more support for official WooCommerce add-ons such as social login.

WooCommerce 2.5+ is now required to run Jobify wordpress theme and is used to handle all account management tasks. It also provides additional functionalities throughout the theme.

We’ve also managed to include some very neat functionality and visual changes to go with the core updates of JObify. Here is a complete list of changes to Jobify 3.0.0:

  • Setup Guide to help you get your website set up like the demo in minutes.
  • Minor style updates to provide more consistency and easier maintaining in the future.
  • Update icon pack to Ioniocons:
  • Full support for all official WP Job Manager add-ons.
  • Full support for WooCommerce.
  • Rewritten mobile views for better mobile experience
  • Set a custom address format for Jobs & Resumes in “Customize > Jobs/Resumes”
  • Hundreds of stability improvements and code hardening.
  • Easy role selection when creating new accounts.

Please do not update directly on your production server. You should always test the update on a staging server first.

Please thoroughly review our detailed documentation on how to safely upgrade to Jobify 3.0.0.

As always if you have any questions about Jobify wordpress theme or issues updating please contact us via the support portal.