Javo vs. Listify: Which is the Best Listing Directory Theme?

If you’re looking for a way to create a listing directory website from scratch or upgrade the design of your existing listing directory website, then you’ve come to the right place. WordPress gives many powerful listing directory themes. These user-friendly WordPress themes let you create a professional-looking listing directory website in less time, even if you have no design or development experience.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Which Is the Best Listing Directory Theme?

There are many listing directory themes available. Choosing a listing directory theme for your website is time-consuming and challenging with too many options. In light of that, today, we’re looking at two best themes that could help you along your listing directory website journey: Javo and Listify. However, there are some differences among these themes. In this in-depth review, we’ll explain how their features, price, customization options, customer support, plugin integration, and speed performance hold up to help you choose which is the best listing directory theme for your website.

Ready to begin? Let’s start comparing.

Javo vs. Listify – What’s the Same and Different?

Javo and Listify are both the top listing directory themes. Before comparing both listing directories in more detail, let’s quickly see the main similarities and differences between Javo and Listify.

What’s the Same?

So, let’s start by comparing at the most basic level — what’s the same between them?

  • Both themes are compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce.
  • Javo and Listify both are SEO-friendly themes.
  • Listify and Javo provides you the ease to drag and drop editors.
  • Both themes permit you to create and manage a listing directory website.

What’s Different?

Now that you know the similarities between Javo and Listify. Let’s have a look at some of the differences between them.

  • Listify offers more advanced third-party integration, such as Open Table, Resurva, WooCommerce Bookings. Javo currently doesn’t provide this third-party integration.
  • Javo is compatible with BuddyPress and bbPress. In comparison, Listify is not compatible with them.
  • Listify is more expensive compared to Javo.
  • Listify comes with an inbuilt Gravity Forms Javo currently doesn’t provide this feature.
  • Javo is integrated with Mailchimp. Listify hasn’t connected with them.

What Customers Say about Theme?

You don’t take our word for it. See what actual customers are saying about the themes.

Listify’s Real Users Reviews

Here, we list out some customer reviews that use the Listify theme.

“Apart from being a great designed product, easy to grasp, elegant, slick, and functional, I have to compliment the support team to be very responsive and efficient and helpful. I would suggest enriching the documentation with a few screenshots and more descriptive sections.”

– Marcomc

“The best WordPress directory theme is based on WP Job Manager, hopefully, there are more features developed by Astoundify in the future, rather than relying on third parties. Fernando is one of the best supporters I’ve ever seen, and I read a lot of comments, and he always has a very patient reply, very hard and professional.”

– Weiching


“I am new to WordPress and have a fairly complex vision for my site. I have a limited tech background but certainly am no developer.  Listify has allowed me to build the site myself without having to hire someone and make a great looking product that will last me a while before I need to get something custom built (if I ever get to that point). I’ve probably spent $150 between the domain, hosting, theme, and plugins which is well under what I was prepared to spend to hire someone. Also — the support is A++, I’ve submitted 5 tickets (probably more by the time you’re reading this) asking how you do certain customizations that are not covered in the documentation and received fast, thorough, polite responses. I’m very impressed and would recommend this theme to anyone with similar directory site needs.”

– Rosshp


“I used this theme to create www.seekequine.com.au. Great theme and was so easy to customize every aspect of the website appearance/functionality. I had no problems tailoring the whole site to function as an equine marketplace and horse business directory, and I have absolutely no experience in coding or website development! Great theme and great online support/documentation.”

– Ljff


“This theme has it all. If you need a WP directory theme, this is clearly the best one on the planet.”

– Lumpy 

Javo’s Real Users Reviews

Now, let’s see some customer’s reviews that use the Javo theme.


“I found this theme had quite a learning curve as there is a lot involved with setting it up, but once I worked out the kinks, it is a beautiful theme with so many options and customizations! I’ve been using it for my website for almost two years and am very pleased with it. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time setting everything up and keeping it functional. But once it’s set, it’s pretty much good to go!”

– Marketing CVR


“Worst listing theme I saw in my life, I am going to change my website into another listing theme. Bugs are everywhere; your payment module has a big problem. We cannot make the listing to a pending mode until the admin approves when the user does the payment. I told this many times via customer support and once they said “they are going to fix that” another time they said, “it’s not a bug it’s a good option because everyone likes to see their listing is published and they don’t like to wait until admin accepts.” Moreover, I am getting image upload problems after the latest update. It shows PHP errors when I turn on the debug mode. Finally, now the map is not working well. All from my side are fixed really well. I configured every option very well so I can be certain that these are not happening because of my faults, even though I bought most of their plugins. Thank you very much for selling this buggy theme for me.”

– SudharaD


“Very customizable theme, once you get the hang of it you can design almost anything. It also offers extra plugins that boost the general feeling like embedding virtual tour iframes. Of course, the base theme offers what you want which is design flexibility via the free version of elementor and custom reusable templates. Support is also active and friendly.”

– Indevin


“Do not purchase. This directory is a poorly optimized theme. It is very resource intensive with redundant callbacks causing the hosting site to max out the memory, I/O Usage, and files usage. It worked for almost 6 months then had an HTTP 500 error. The developer refused to help. They claimed it wasn’t their issue. My host techs narrowed it down to the code in this Theme. When you submit a support ticket it takes them 3 days to blow you off… I mean answer a question. In addition to my first review. Lies these people tell. They never posted a holiday notice. NO eMail telling me it was a Holiday. AS quick as they can they blow you off. Yes, the majority of 500 errors are server caused, however, there are many cases (like this one) the issue is the theme. Google it! Funny how you respond to negative remarks quicker than support issues. After receiving HORRIBLE support for a horrible product I decided you were not worth my time. And yes I have proof that your code causes redundant resources issues for web servers. Your support is horrible. Your product is even worse.”

–  Opie


“Well designed, a fast theme that is easy to customize and has many beautiful pre-built demo options. I’ve generally been against buying themes that have purchase add-ons. But, now I see the tradeoff. Javo is leaner (and faster) and does so much without the bulk of code that many users may not even need. In the end, I only pay for additional functionality that I actually need for the project. The addons I did buy were very reasonable (less than $10) and easy to set up. Thank you!”

– Lost Plot 

Listify vs. Javo: Comparing Their Functionality

At first glance, it might seem like Listify gives you more features, and that’s undoubtedly true out of the box.

Key Features Listify Javo
Launched November – 2014 October – 2017
Regular Price $69 $49
Extended Support $21.38 $13.88
Last Update June – 2021 February – 2021
Sales 18335 7107
Browser Compatibility IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
General Features
Drag & Drop Editor  ✓
Social Sharing Options  ✓
Schema Mark-up  ✓
Front-End Submission
Widget Ready
Google Fonts
Translation Ready  ✓  ✓
Search by Location
Support Team
Contact Information  ✓
Well Documented  ✓
High Resolution
One-click Demo Import
SEO Friendly
Supported Page Builder
Gutenberg Optimized
Gravity Forms
Ninja Forms
Contact Form 7
Plugin Integration
WooCommerce Subscriptions
WooCommerce Bookings
WooCommerce Payment Gateway
WooCommerce Product Vendors

Pricing Plans: Listify vs. Javo

Listify, and Javo are both premium themes. Listify theme’s price is a little bit high compared to the Javo. Here’s how the pricing shakes out:

Theme Listify Javo
Regular License Price $69 $49
Extend Support $21.38 $13.88

Amazing Key Features

There are many reasons to like Listify, apart from its style, ultra-blazing speed, and customizability options. Let’s have a glance at some unique features of the theme.

1. Compatible with Popular WordPress Plugins

Listify theme is compatible with some of the most famous WordPress plugins.

2. Google Fonts

A theme utilizes awesome Google Fonts to give it a unique look and create a beautiful listing directory website.

3. Global Support Team

Listify’s dedicated support team is multilingual and globally scattered for a stable layer of customer coverage. We’re ready to help and solve your problems.

4. Monetize a Your Listing Directory

Provide many ways to monetize your listing directory website.

  • Add a Listing
  • Claim a Listing
  • View a Listing
  • Make a Reservation
  • Book an Appointment
  • Offers Spaces for Advertisements
  • Paid Site Access

5. Powerful Booking System

Listify theme integrates the best booking services. You can install the WooCommerce Bookings plugin to turn your listing directory into a fully-fledged booking system.

6. Mobile Device Optimization

Listify theme works well on any device’s screen. As a result, you always have the perfect design.

7. Fully Optimized with SEO

Listify helps you grow your website’s ranking as well as the click-through rates it gets. It allows rich snippets to boost your SEO rankings.

8. Super-fast Performance

Listify is the most lightweight listing directory theme available in the market and provides super-fast performance.

9. Support GeoLocation

It automatically lets you geo-locate listings via standard addresses and automatically searches for listings near your current location. You can additionally use Auto Location, Extended Location, User Locator, etc.

10. Lifetime Updates

The Listify theme allows users to make a lifetime update. After the purchase of this theme can guarantee you a lifelong benefit from theme upgrades.

World-class Customer Support Team

These are some of the customer support reviews that use the Listify or Javo themes.

Actual Customer Support Review for Listify

Let’s look at some of the Listify theme’s actual customer reviews for the support team.


“Listfy is no doubt a beautiful theme, and to put it in use, it all comes down to the Listfy support team. Big thanks to Fernando, our site www.i-borrow.com is now live using this theme! It’s very well designed and fairly easy to adjust even for a WordPress newbie, a non-coding person like me. Great product!”

– Yuchilee


“I actually don’t leave reviews on anything. These guys (Fernando and Adam) at Listify have been very remarkable in providing support for the theme. I have bought and implemented quite a number of themes, and this one is quite unique. Not only is the appearance superb, but it also works well with many other useful plugins. I highly recommend it if you are looking to buy a listing theme or other related products they have.”

– Adet4real


“Listify is an amazing theme. Not only is it easy to work with, but the support is also out of this world. Extremely helpful. I am a newbie and I am very satisfied. Customer support has been a lifesaver for me. Very well designed and beautiful theme for the users.”

– Agham Khan


“The theme is very easy and friendly to use although it needs some premium plugins to look really like the demos, it is totally worth it because it is easy to set up and the support is amazing! Thanks, guys, keep it up! : )”

– Martina


“Amazing Product and Fantastic Support team! Being a complete novice and non-coder, I needed a directory theme that was easy to use, lovely to look at, very user-friendly for both my clientele and customers and had a great support team. Listify does all of that and more. Honestly. When I get lost in the support documentation (only because I don’t always know exactly what keywords or descriptions I need to search for), the support team behind Listify always points me in the right direction. Honestly, I cannot rave about this directory theme enough. I did try another but after 18 months of disappointment and it not working, I gave up and decided to try another directory theme. So glad I chose Listify. Check out my website if you like and see what I mean https://petcare.superdogel.com.au/. Thank you Listify. You have made a really great directory theme for those of us with none or loads of coding experience. I will always stay with you now.”

– Super Dogel


Real Customer Support Review for Javo

Now, let’s see what Javo’s real customers say about the support team.


“Do not buy this theme. Is bugged a lot (for purpose probably). When your support license expires, the seller will only help you with fixing bugs through his support page which will only work for you if you have extended support.”

– VIsion ART-PH


“The main reason for your evaluation: all the reasons! This theme is perfect, design, code, support, integration, feature, customizability. I love, I validate, I like 100%. The customer service and technical support are top, fast, and competent. Thanks again to all the developers who contributed to the development of this theme which is just great!”

– Mlle Giulia


“This is a very attractive and fairly easy-to-use theme; however, support is very slow. They have partnered with Lava Codes for all the “fun” functionality. You will need to purchase Lava Code add ones if you want your site to have similar functionality. It’s disappointing that there are more than 18 plugins required for an additional $200+ cost if you want all of the functions you see in the demos. It would have been nice for these functions to have been built into the theme or at least bundled and included with the theme purchase. Apart from the slow support and many required plugins, this is an excellent theme that looks really great!”

– Dsawka


“Many problems, there is no service and a response from the support.”

– Yonisy


“I would pick more if I could from the above! The design is incredible! Features are awesome! Flexibility is amazing! But overall the support is First Class! They jumped right in and fixed an issue for me when they didn’t have to. Will be purchasing more licenses of this theme to use on future projects! Highly Recommended!”

– Aaron James Web

Javo vs. Listify: Speed Performance

A faster website will improve your search engine rank and keep visitors on your site for longer. Listify is better than Javo regarding out-of-the-box speed performance.

Listify’s Performance Report




Javo’s Performance Report




Listify vs. Javo: The Final Verdict

If you need a solution for a listing directory website, you can choose any theme. But if you want to create a listing directory website for passive revenue, then Listify is an easy-to-use yet powerful theme. Overall, Listify is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to build a listing directory website with WordPress. But, as all online directories are different, it’s essential to check out all its features and choose the best one.

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