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Lisfinity Documentation

Hello, i’ve purchased Lisfinity in 2022, and haven’t use till recently.
Now in the setup process i’ve 2 general information questions, and although
my license has run out of Technical Support, hope you will answer.
1- Are listings CPT? If so is there shortcode or query that i can use to show posts in custom template, for listing all entries, by cpt taxonomy etc?
2-As Elementor provides Lisfinity widgets are there equivalent shortcodes for that?
3-What are the shortcodes included with Lisfinity? Can you at least provide Lisfinity Documentation page?

Please consider, hop to get your response,

Category: Listify Nikola Pantic shared this idea

3 responses to “Lisfinity Documentation”

  1. brian-gathuita says:

    Hey Nikola,

    Listings are indeed custom post types but they are inbuilt within the listify theme. They are also displayed in a specific template which is also inbuilt. Additionally, they do come with a couple of taxonomies such as categories and tags. To display listings on the front end there are shortcodes used which are specific to the theme and the WP Job Manager plugin.

    The Elementor does have the Listify widgets which are based on the WordPress Widgets. However, we do present the Elementify plugin which is coded to have these templates. Among the most important shortcodes are: [submit_job_form], [job_dashboard], & [jobs].

    Hope this helps. If I can be of any further help, please let me know!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Nikola Pantic says:

    Hello again, thank you for the response,
    still i have to ask few additional questions:
    Is it possible to run the Listify without Elementor?
    Can Elementify function/render templates shortcodes without Elementor? if so, please provide info.
    I’m intending to set the simplest possible design layout and utilize application CRM features.

    Please advice and support further,
    Thank you, regards

  3. brian-gathuita says:

    Hi there

    Thank you for reaching out again.

    In relation to your questions;

    Is it possible to run the Listify without Elementor?
    Yes, it is possible to run the Listify theme without the Elementor plugin. Normally Listify is built out of WordPress widgets and thus the theme is capable of running on WordPress widgets as default.

    Can Elementify function/render template shortcodes without Elementor?
    Well, this is currently not possible for the Elementify to render templates without the Elementor page builder. These two work hand in hand to ensure that there is compatibility with the theme.

    Hope this answers your questions.
    If you have any other queries please let us know.

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