DirectoryPRO vs. Listify: Which is the Better Listing Directory Theme?

Update: DirectoryPRO is sadly removed from ThemeForest.


If you’re thinking about starting your online listing directory website, you require some research on it. Many listing directory themes on the market provide everything you need to run for your online listing business, including design, management, and growth. It means you can work your entire listing directory website from the comfort of one dashboard.

Which is the Better Listing Directory Theme?

As you can see, there are many listing directory themes available in the market. So main questions arise, which is the better listing directory theme based on your business requirements? Moreover, it is challenging to choose which listing directory theme is better. Here, we compare the two most successful WordPress directory listing themes, Listify and DirectoryPRO. Both are an easy-to-use theme that gives everything you need to run an online listing business. We explain in-depth looks at them both to evaluate which one is better.

Ready to start? Let’s begin comparing.

Listify vs. DirectoryPRO: Key Similarities and Differences

Here are the core similarities and differences between them both.

What are the Similarities?

Now, let’s see what both themes have in common.

  • First off, start at the initial level — the price. Both Listify and DirectoryPRO offer the same pricing plan.
  • Both themes allow you to create and start a listing directory website and host your content.
  • Both Listify and DirectoryPRO listing directory don’t require any coding.
  • The drag-and-drop editors on both themes make it easy for you to customize your website.

What are the Differences?

Now, let’s see some of the main differences between Listify and DirectoryPRO.

  • Listify is compatible with Elementor. In comparison, DirectoryPRO doesn’t offer this functionality.
  • Listify comes with an inbuilt Gravity Forms plugin. DirectoryPRO currently doesn’t provide this feature.
  • Compared to DirectoryPRO, Listify offers more advanced features and a vast range of third-party integration. Such as Open Table, Resurva, WooCommerce Bookings.
  • In comparison to DirectoryPRO, Listify gives a high resolution.

Testimonials of People around the World

Users Reviews Who Love Listify

These are just a few of the various customer reviews who love the Listify theme.

”We’ve been working with Listify for months as the basis to launch a new business. It provides a very modern and intuitive user experience, which ultimately makes it easy to use by our customers. Its ability to integrate with a lot of other plugins also enables you to build a complete business around it. Its customization capabilities further enhance its usefulness to meet the requirements of a business. The Support has also been extremely helpful (shout out to John for his great help). They get back to you in a timely fashion with the necessary help. If we were to provide areas for improvement, it might be with the documentation. It’s OK, but with some additional research and trial and error, you can get through it. In general, there’s enough there though to make you successful. I hope the Listify team will keep coming out with more enhancements, etc to make it an even more powerful theme. Good job folks!!”

– Peter Desandis


”I’ve used Listify across several sites of varying sizes for years now, and always found that it’s a very good theme to work with. The code quality is great and the support team is always useful.”

– Tom Slominski


”I am currently working on building my directory website and so far this theme has been working very well for me. I don’t have a great deal of experience in web development but so far, this works great for me. The customer support has been really helpful and each time I have had a question, I got a really quick response that helped me move forward in my website development. John has been amazingly helpful and understanding, and patient with me. This theme is easy to use and you can add to it to customize it to what you want or need (that’s what I’m doing).”

– Schaff

”Tested with more than 16000 listings. Fast (without any caching plugin) with whatever search criteria. The documentation is very helpful. Thank you Astoundify.”

– Vagmarketean


”This is a really in-depth, customizable theme. We’re really impressed & the customer support is also excellent. We thoroughly recommend this theme – best we’ve purchased.”

– Lucap


Actual Users Review of DirectoryPRO

Here are some actual customer reviews that use the DirectoryPRO theme.

”Still great, easy to edit without messing around with custom coding, etc. However feature-wise at the price it seems to have been overtaken by other directories, moved to a newer theme for the meantime.”

– Mikov


”All the great features come additionally and have to be bought additionally.”

– Arsen


”Unfortunately, when I bought the theme you didn’t have the notice that the plugins have to be purchased separately. You didn’t want to return my money :(”

– Vicenriquez

”You buy the plugin, and then you have to pay a fee for plugins. If you want to keep the website updated you need to keep paying. This shouldn’t be allowed in Theme Forest, or at least it should be mentioned clearly when you buy the theme! For me it’s a 1 star rating because we can add a 0.”

– Agemuf


”Constantly begging for more money !!! You can’t get this theme to work OK before you need to pay more for this plug-in or that and you don’t pay just once… but every 12 months … Support is even worse … again you have to pay to get a decent response … so this is a bit of a ‘Slovenian scam! More importantly, the ‘responsiveness’ is not quite there and since this is a WordPress all ait-themes are quite sluggish and resource-intensive regardless of what their marketing would try to convince you.”

– Bvint

Feature Comparison Table

No matter how great your theme or how beautiful your listing directory website is, you won’t see much traffic unless you successfully market yourself. That’s why comparing Listify and ListingPro’s features is crucial. In this section, we’ll explore the essential details of what both themes offer in this regard. Let’s take a peek.

                                     Listify vs. DirectoryPRO: Features

Features Listify DirectoryPRO
Launched November – 2014 January  – 2013
Price $69 $69
High Resolution
Widget Ready
WooCommerce Compatibility
Elementor Compatibility
Gravity Forms
Well Documented
Responsive Layout
Drag-and-drop Editor
Social Sharing Options
Front-End Submission
Translation Ready
Location or Zip Code Search Functionality
Multi-ad Spots for Extra Monetization
Support Team
Contact Information
One-click Theme Install
SEO Optimized
Ninja Forms
Contact Form 7
WooCommerce Subscriptions
WooCommerce Bookings
WooCommerce Payment Gateway
WooCommerce Product Vendors

Listify vs. DirectoryPRO: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, there’s no difference between them. Both offer the same price. If you want to continue receiving support after six months, both themes have the same price.

Theme Listify DirectoryPRO
Price $69 $69
Extend Support to 12 Months $21.38 $21.38

Powerfully Ultimate Theme Features

The Listify theme provides some great features. It ensures customers can enjoy a better site-building experience and have reasons to return for more.

1. Easy to Customize

Listify is a fast and lightweight theme that lets you do all. Just set up your website and start customizing all factors. You do not need any extra effort.

2. Monetize a Listing Directory

Provide numerous ways to monetize your listing directory website.

  • Add a Listing
  • Claim a Listing
  • View a Listing
  • Make a Reservation
  • Book an Appointment

These are just a few ways, but you get the idea.

3. WooCommerce Integration

Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce Bookings have been some of the integration options available in the Listify theme. It helps you provide your users with the opportunity to book online with businesses listed in your directory. It’s a better way to attract sponsors to your directory website. Plus, you can add some additional plugins, like WooCommerce Quick View.

4. Display Background Videos

Through your Listify theme, you can showcase full-width background videos on your website. There is no reason your listing’s website has to look like the many other listing directories out there.

5. Provides Front-End Submission

Front-end submissions are possible. Plus, you can share and visit directory listings via the social platform.

6. Offers Free and Paid Plugin

Listify suggests some excellent free and premium plugins to add to enhance more functionality.

7. Plugin Integration

Listify themes provide a choice for integration with various plugins. such as,



8. Advanced Geolocation Filtering

Geolocation integration increases functionality. So that users only see listings that are near them.


Advanced Geolocation Filtering

Advanced Geolocation Filtering

9. Cross-browser Compatibility

The Listify themes are compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge, etc.

10. SEO Friendly

The theme is built with search engine optimization in mind to ensure better rankings across all search engines.

Professional Dedicated Support Team

Do you have any questions regarding your Listify theme? You can directly contact them in the support portal. No matter the problem, they deal with it and don’t leave you wondering what to do. They have a team of expert developers who are always happy to guide you.

A Customer Support Review on Listify:

”I am currently working on building my directory website and so far this theme has been working very well for me. I don’t have a great deal of experience in web development but so far, this works great for me. The customer support has been really helpful and each time I have had a question, I got a really quick response that helped me move forward in my website development. John has been amazingly helpful and understanding, and patient with me. This theme is easy to use and you can add to it to customize it to what you want or need (that’s what I’m doing).”

– Schaff


”This theme is very high quality and very easy to customize. With the support thread, the documentation, and customer support their support is fantastic!”

– Jordanc

”Nice design, easy to use, and very fast and friendly Support Service. I had problems with the search filter but the support found out the problem and fixed it very quickly. Fastest support service I ever had on Themeforest. Good Work Guys!”

– Prettyday


”Excellent customer support, and I really appreciate the updates! Thanks for making such an awesome template!”

– Yankee


”Hi, I really have such a great experience with these guys, support is really good, and always replies. I have been working in the IT industry for almost 20 years. These guys are really good. Of course, this theme is wonderful. I can use it for many things that are very easy to customize as well, code is easy. Thanks very much!!! Excellent work.”

– Fossens


A Customer Support Review on DirectoryPRO:

”Great design and functionality of the theme, and very friendly and useful support. Thanks, guys!”

– Evolution Studio


”I was planning to build a second directory. I am an existing client and I had some questions before buying the second theme license and all the required plugins. After 3 emails in 5 days, Nothing? They totally lost my business. Sad, good theme, without customer service, bad business model. Good luck with the next client. I am buying another theme from another vendor.”

– Search Ranker


”Friendly and very supportive customer service. If I encounter a problem I don’t worry as I know some way or another they will help me find a solution at a reasonable time. Also, I don’t feel silly asking questions that may seem very straightforward to some because they still give me great replies. As for the product, it is a great product but I am really hoping for the APP version to be released as soon as possible!”

– Rebuwar

Speed Performance

Let’s start with the big one–speed performance. As you can see in the below image, Listify also won the race in speed performance.

Here’s How Listify Performed:




And here’s How DirectoryPRO Performed:





In this blog, we covered all the information that you need to know about both themes. As you can see, both the themes are popular and have their features and benefits. Choose the correct theme according to your listing directory website needs. At the same price, Listify provides more features compared to DirectoryPRO. Now, you will get an idea to choose which one is better for you.

We hope you have enjoyed our in-depth look at both themes and make a better decision. So, what do you choose? Listify or DirectoryPRO?

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